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Table 4 Characteristics of the chronic hepatitis B patients from the hepatology and community gastroenterology and primary care clinics of the San Francisco Bay area consortium

From: Racial/ethnic- and county-specific prevalence of chronic hepatitis B and its burden in California

Parameters Results
Total number, N 2000
Male 1117 (55.8%)
Age 43 (18–88)
HBeAg-positive 444 (22.2%)
Active HBeAg-positive (non cirrhotic)* 272 (14%)
Active HBeAg-negative (non cirrhotic)* 510 (26%)
ALT (U/L) 39 (3–2809)
HBV DNA (log10 IU/mL) 4.0 (1.3–11.3)
Cirrhosis 185 (9%)
  1. *Active is defined by an elevation of ALT > 2× upper limit of normal or evidence of significant histological disease plus elevated HBV DNA above 2000 IU/mL for HBeAg-negative, and above 20,000 IU/mL for HBeAg-positive [6]
  2. HBeAg hepatitis B e antigen, ALT alanine aminotransferase