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Table 3 Proportions of correct and incorrect responses on eight-item questionnaire (N = 520)

From: Knowledge about hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus infection and consequences: a cross-sectional assessment of baseline knowledge among infected patients in West Bengal, India

Question Responses (%)
  Correct Incorrect Do not know
 Which organ of the human body is affected by hepatitis? 74.2 1.9 23.8
 Which is the most severe disease affecting the liver? 46.0 20.8 33.3
 How is hepatitis B or C transmitted? 63.5 8.1 28.5
 What happens when one is infected with hepatitis B or C? 32.7 40.4 26.9
 How is jaundice cured? 72.1 23.3 4.6
 What should be the diet during jaundice? 61.9 33.8 4.2
 What should one do when affected with jaundice? 58.1 33.7 8.3
 How is hepatitis B or C prevented? 67.9 10.8 21.3