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Table 1 Questions put to study participants about viral hepatitis

From: Knowledge about hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus infection and consequences: a cross-sectional assessment of baseline knowledge among infected patients in West Bengal, India

1. Which organ of the human body is affected by hepatitis?
 a. Kidney
 b. Liver
 c. Stomach
 d. Do not know
2. Which is the most severe disease affecting the liver?
 a. Jaundice
 b. Hepatitis B and C
 c. Hepatitis A and E
 d. Do not know
3. How is hepatitis B or C transmitted?
 a. Through contaminated food and water
 b. Through sneezing and coughing
 c. Through contaminated blood
 d. Do not know
4. What happens when one is infected with hepatitis B or C?
 a. Jaundice will occur
 b. Jaundice may not occur
 c. Jaundice will never occur
 d. Do not know
5. How is jaundice cured?
 a. Wear “garland” of jaundice
 b. Take complete bed rest
 c. Take only boiled food
 d. Take proper medical advice
6. What should be the diet during jaundice?
 a. Completely vegetarian food
 b. Completely boiled food (without oil and spices)
 c. Glucose, sugarcane juice and fruits
 d. Normal healthy diet (homemade)
7. What should one do when affected with jaundice?
 a. Take leave from job and have complete bed rest
 b. Do normal work
 c. Do excess work
 d. Do not know
8. How is hepatitis B or C prevented?
 a. By isolating the infected person
 b. By avoiding street food
 c. Through vaccination and proper advice
 d. Do not know